DU: What In the World Do Chavez's Remarks Have to Do With Democrats? He's Not a Democrat.

Posted: Sep 21, 2006 3:31 PM

That's the basic sentiment conveyed on this DU thread.

DU commenter FrenchieCat clears everything up:

The whole point is that what Chavez is saying about Bush and America's current Foreign relations attitude is what many Democrats have said in the past.....including some of our elected Democrats (see Rangel....who hates Bush and really would like to see him impeached). The reason for the similarities between Chavez and Dem Rethoric is that it is the truth.

The reason that the Press has focused so much attention on both Chavez and Iran's President and their rethoric is to be able to allow Americans to hear what they are both saying about Bush and in effect about America.....because the media wants Americans to detect the similarities between what Chavez and Iran's President has been saying and what Dems have been saying for some time. They in essence are manipulating Voters to feel that if Chavez and Dems agree, then they are both whatever the press says Chavez is.....which is not good.

In effect Chavez would have been better for Democrats to have kept his mouth shut while here in the US....because now the media is going to furter demonize Chavez and then portray Democrats as Chavez sympathizers...

Chavez sympathizers? What would give anyone that idea?

Perhaps it has something to do with this thread, posted one minute later, entitled "I agree with Chavez and Ahmadinejad." 

You know, on a site called Democratic Underground. So far, the thread has one response denouncing Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

Update: Or, there's this.