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Dude found a mountain lion in. his. house.

What did he do? He went to the neighbor's house, called the Sheriff, and grabbed a video camera. It is, indeed, a YouTube world these days.


If I were all techie and stuff, I'd, like, find some genius way to grab the CNN video and bring it back here to you guys. But, frankly, you're gonna have to do the hunting and gathering yourselves unless you can convince Allah to do it for you.

It's on the CNN page, under "Most Popular" videos. It's worth it. 

Can you imagine how poor the direction and quality on a video like this would have been a couple years ago? But now, the lighting is good, the shot is framed, and we all end up with a spur-of-the-moment, dangerous crisis-averted video worth watching. Citizen journalists, baby.

That's why they get pie.

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