Castro-Mania, the Link Round-Up

Posted: Aug 01, 2006 11:05 AM

Mike Krempasky says drink rum! It's the right thing to do:

In light of Castro's current circumstance (may his "failing" health soon be "failed"), I'd highly encourage you to take the opportunity today - perhaps over lunch - to enjoy what Castro tried to destroy. (A mojito would do just fine in this weather, thanks...)


It didn't start out as Puerto Rican rum, my friends. It has a rich Cuban heritage - one that was confiscated by Castro's thugs in a manner so emblematic of his "reign." From their website ("El Coco" was a coconut palm tree planted at the founding of the company.):

"In 1959, the Cuban totalitarian regime began to deny liberties and after 98 years of vigilance, the beloved Coconut palm began to wither and die. Sure enough, six months after its death, on October 14, 1960, the totalitarian regime illegally seized the Company and all its assets, including the small patch of green earth. No coconut palm was planted in 'el Coco's' place as the Family fled their island nation with just the clothes on their backs.
Townhall's own Josue Sierra is paying close attention to the news and the jubilation in Miami.

TigerHawk wonders about the Hugo-Chavez-factor should Castro die.

The Guardian profiles Raul Castro, to whom Fidel has ceded power:

The youngest of the five Castro siblings, Raul, 75, has been in his older brother's shadow for four decades. Educated at Jesuit college in Havana, he preceded his brother into the Communist youth movement during his student years and established early strong links with the Soviet Union.

Along with his brother Fidel, Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, he was a leading rebel commander during the guerrilla war to remove Batista. According to Richard Gott's recent history of Cuba, Raul won his hawkish reputation by presiding over the execution of 70 of Batista's soldiers during the revolution.

The talking point on Raul is that he has not "the charisma" of Fidel. And Lord knows Commies need charisma since they socialize everything else that people like out of existence. Yep, charisma is necessary. Oh, and guns. Guns help a lot.