Loser Talk and T-Shirts

Posted: Dec 06, 2005 7:14 AM

Howard Dean in words: "The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong."

Howard Dean in pictures.

Red State's Nick discusses the historic precedent:

Recent events make it clear that a pitched battle for control of the Democratic Party is now underway between the far-left "peacenik" contingent symbolized by Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi, and the DLC or "Clinton wing" of the party which sees only electoral defeat in the rabid antiwar sloganeering of the increasingly leftist DNC. Those of us who were around to see the rise of George McGovern have seen this movie before. It ends with a wildly cheering base nominating a candidate who proceeds to lose 49 states, and in the process tars the Democrats for a generation as a party of left wing moonbats.


Scott Ott: Howard Dean does a USO Tour with his hit song, "We'll Retreat 'fore Christmas."

And, Mark Steyn on Defeaticrats like Dean:

So Bush has chosen to embark on a project every other great power of the last half-millennium has shrunk from: the transformation of the Middle East. You can argue the merits of that, but once it's underway it's preposterous to suggest we need to have it all wrapped up by Jan. 24. The Defeaticrats' loss of proportion is unworthy of a serious political party in the world's only superpower. In next week's election, the Iraqi people will shame them yet again.

Thanks to ABP for the Steyn link.

Katie Couric takes on Rep. Murtha on the "Today Show," asking if a U.S. retreat wouldn't cause chaos and instability.