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Here’s How This California School District Trains Staff About Illegal Immigration

Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Parental rights organization Parents Defending Education continues  to expose school districts across the country for policies and curriculum meant to indoctrinate students. This ranges from curriculum on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to keeping parents in the dark about their children’s names and pronouns at school.

In some cases, PDE has unveiled how school districts have forced students to participate in programming about topics like “white privilege” and “equity.” In some cases, these programs occur unbeknownst to parents. 

A public records request submitted by PDE found that a California school district is providing training to staff that claims that “no one is illegal on stolen land” and that America has a pervasive “white supremacy culture.”

The San Francisco Unified School District provides this type of training to staff (via PDE):

The district provided PDE with hundreds of pages of documents. One document that PDE received was titled “Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture.” The document has a list of perceived characteristics of white supremacy, including “perfectionism,” “sense of urgency,” “worship of the written word,” “individualism,” and “objectivity.”

Not to mention, the school district provides guidance to staff for welcoming illegal alien students. This included a list of resources to be given to illegal aliens (via PDE):

PDE additionally received a presentation titled “Understanding & Supporting the Newcomer Journey.” This presentation starts with a “Land Acknowledgment” and promotes “racial equity” and “anti-racism.” The presentation features videos that appear to promote illegal immigration, such as “Children on the Run in Central America” and “The Life of an Unaccompanied Minor in L.A.”

Another presentation is titled “Building Sanctuary.” This presentation starts with a “Land Acknowledgment” that states “no one is illegal on stolen land.” A focus of this presentation is “Racial Equity Framing” and states that “immigration is a black issue.” The presentation promotes that California is a “sanctuary state” and that the district is a “sanctuary school district.” This presentation tells staff how to handle U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“Demonizing the very skills that are required for success will disincentivize student achievement. And now, more than ever, we need to push students and get them back on track—not spend time on politics in the classroom," Alex Nester, an investigative fellow at Parents Defending Education, told Townhall.

Last year, PDE exposed how Seattle Public Schools provided training documents to teachers that included a “Stolen Land Acknowledgement” and a “Stolen Black & Brown Labor Acknowledgement.”

“We want to recognize that the United States was build off the stolen labor of kidnapped Africans and enslaved Black people’s work, which created the profits that created our nation,” a training document stated, adding that “brown labor” includes immigrants who are in the United States illegally.



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