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AP Photo/Ron Harris

Parental rights organization Parents Defending Education (PDE) is suing President Joe Biden’s Department of Education for illegally withholding records of its coordination with left-wing advocacy groups on gender identity issues, the organization announced Wednesday.


According to a press release from PDE, the organization submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in July 2022 for the Department’s correspondences with several “woke” groups about gender identity issues that erode parental rights. This includes “gender support plans” and “gender affirming” school policies that keep parents in the dark about their child’s gender identity.

The Biden administration has reportedly refused to release any of the documents or provide a timeline for doing so (via PDE):

Refusing to release these documents leaves Americans in the dark about the Department’s coordination with ideological activist groups as it contemplates sweeping regulatory actions that will affect millions of children across the country.

Since the Biden Administration is refusing to comply with its statutory obligations, we are forced to file this complaint to obtain public information that should be readily available, so parents can have a better understanding of the parties who are pushing an agenda that could alter educational programs for generations to come.

In addition, the Biden administration is working to rewrite Title IX to expand protections based on sex to include “gender identity,” which Townhall has covered


“The Biden Administration is on the verge of rewriting a major civil rights law, which will sacrifice the First Amendment and the sanctity of single-sex spaces on the altar of ‘sexual orientation and gender identity.’ The public deserves transparency about the extent to which ideological activists like George Soros influenced Title IX over the objections of hundreds of thousands of Americans, which is why we decided to escalate this request,” Nicki Neily, president of PDE, said. 

PDE has worked nonstop in recent years to expose school districts across the country for policies and curriculum meant to indoctrinate students. This ranges from curriculum on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to keeping parents in the dark about their children’s names and pronouns at school.

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