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Biological Male Trans Inmate Will Be Transferred to Women’s Prison

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A male inmate in Minnesota who identifies as a transgender woman will be moved to the state's women-only prison and will have access to irreversible transgender treatments and surgeries, according to a report from NPR.


Christina Lusk, the "transgender" inmate, previously sued the Minnesota Department of Corrections over access to transgender health services, dubbed by the left as "gender-affirming care." Lusk began fighting for this type of treatment after going to prison in 2019. One year ago, Townhall reported how Lusk filed a lawsuit to be moved to a women's prison. 

Now, as part of a settlement, Lusk will be moved to a women's prison in Shakopee and have access to this type of care. And Lusk will reportedly receive a $495,000 payout, which includes $250,000 in legal fees. 

"With this settlement, the Department of Corrections takes an important and necessary step toward fulfilling its responsibilities to the people in its care," Gender Justice Legal Director Jess Braverman told the outlet. The organization represented Lusk in this case.

"Thanks to Christina Lusk's willingness to speak out, transgender people in custody will now have expanded access to the housing and health care they need, and the legal protections they deserve," Braverman added.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections reportedly houses 48 "transgender" people, and Lusk is the first to be moved to a facility that aligns with his "gender identity" rather than his biological sex.


The Department of Corrections said in a statement that Lusk will meet with a "transgender healthcare specialist to determine if gender-affirming surgery is medically necessary." 

"The DOC will also assist her in obtaining surgery if the specialist determines it is necessary," the statement continued. 

"The DOC is constitutionally obligated to provide medically necessary care for incarcerated people, which includes treatment for gender dysphoria," Minnesota DOC Commissioner Paul Schnell told NPR. "Based on the facts of this specific case, the incarcerated person will now have access to the medical care she needs, she deserves, and we have a legal obligation to provide."

In August, Townhall reported how a male prisoner named Demi Minor in New Jersey, who identified as a "transgender woman," impregnated two inmates in a women's prison. In an interview with the New York Post, Minor's former foster mother, Dr. Wanda Broach-Butts, said that she believes Minor is a "psychopath" and used transgenderism as a "ploy" to get locked up among females. 

But, Minor is not the only male inmate to be housed in a women's prison. Earlier this year, a biological man, who identified as a transgender woman, was found guilty of raping two women in the United Kingdom, which Townhall covered. Shortly after, reports broke that the rapist, who goes by "Isla Bryson," would be housed in a women's jail while awaiting sentencing. 


Following backlash from the public, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that Bryson would be removed from the women's prison. And now, there will be a "pause" until further notice on placing transgender prisoners with a history of violence against women in women's prisons.

Bryson's estranged wife, Shonna Graham, 31, told Daily Mail that Bryson was "bulls***ing" officials about being transgender to get "an easier life in prison." Bryson previously went by "Adam Graham." 

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