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Trans Woman Found Guilty of Raping Two Women Before Transitioning

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A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman was convicted of raping two women before undergoing “gender-affirming” care. Now, the transgender woman has been remanded in a women’s jail awaiting their sentence.


According to Daily Mail, Isla Bryson, 31, committed the attacks in 2016 and 2019 after meeting the victims online. In 2020, Bryson began transitioning. 

Reportedly, Bryson, who used to go by Adam Graham, told jurors that the sex was consensual. Bryson first appeared in court in 2019. In 2020, “Adam Graham” began going by “Annie Bryson.” Now, he goes by Isla Bryson (via Daily Mail):

The first victim recalled repeatedly stating 'no' as her 'muscular' attacker raped her when the then man got into bed beside her in 2016. The second woman was raped at a flat when they were planning to watch the film Mean Girls in 2019.

This week, Bryson was found guilty of two rape charges at the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland and will stay in a women’s prison. The first victim reportedly described Bryson as “muscular” and said “no” many times when the attack occurred.

According to The National, Bryson’s lawyers argued he was “in no way a predatory male.” But, prosecutors alleged that Bryson “preyed” on vulnerable women. The second victim was raped in an apartment in Glasgow after Bryson shared his "sexuality issues" with her.


"I told him to stop and he did not. He kept going," the victim stated.

At one point in the trial, Bryson claimed “I would never hurt another human being." At another point, Bryson said "I would never hurt any woman."

In November, Townhall reported how a transgender pedophile in the United Kingdom was jailed for grooming and impregnating a 14-year-old girl. The man, David Orton, who went by “Danielle Rose Gemini” was sentenced to nine and a half years. 

Shortly after, a study done by former Scottish justice secretary and Member of Parliament Kenny MacAskill found four out of 10 transgender criminals imprisoned in Britain are behind bars for sex crimes, including crimes against children. 

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