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Another State Enacts Law Protecting Women's Sports From Transgender Athletes

This week, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) signed two bills into law protecting women’s sports from biological male athletes who identify as transgender. 


Going forward, transgender women and girls will be prohibited from joining female sports teams in both the K-12 and college level. According to the Associated Press, lawmakers in both the state House and state Senate approved the measures with veto-proof majorities.

Several other states, like Kansas, have passed legislation restricting transgender athletes from women and girls’ sports. This comes at the same time that the Biden administration is pushing to rewrite Title IX to allow “sex” to include the concept of “gender identity.”

Reportedly, Burgum vetoed a nearly identical bill in 2021. At the time, the state legislature did not have enough votes to override a veto. 

In February, Townhall interviewed Margo Knorr, who runs the North Dakota facet of the Independent Women’s Network. In an interview, Knorr told Townhall that she was working on getting legislation passed to protect women’s sports from trans athletes. 

“These women are faced with an issue of privacy, safety, where anybody can claim they’re a female, that’s a male, and they [women] feel bullied into letting them in,” Knorr explained. Knorr was recruited out of high school to play sports in college.

“I think if I had competed against a male I wouldn’t have been able to do all of the things that I was able to do,” Knorr added.

In Kansas, lawmakers overrode Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto on legislation to ban transgender athletes from participating in women and girls’ sports, kindergarten through high school. 


Several polls have shown that the majority of Americans do not support allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports. In several scenarios, like with Penn swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas, the transgender athletes win competitions against biological women and rob them of awards and opportunities. 

Last year, Townhall reported how a poll conducted by The Washington Post and the University of Maryland found that the majority of Americans – 55 percent – opposed allowing biological males who identify as women to compete in women’s sports at the college and professional level. Another poll published by Pew Research found that 58 percent of Americans favor requirements for transgender athletes to compete on sports teams that align with their biological sex. 

And this year, during Women’s History Month, many biological males who masquerade as women were honored and celebrated, including athletes, beauty pageant contestants, and elected officials.

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