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AP Photo/Robin Rayne

A 24-year-old woman who began transitioning to live as a man when she was a teenager is now de-transitioning and claimed that she was manipulated by transgender activists to go through with treatment.


The young woman, Prisha Mosley, is 24 years-old. She began “gender-affirming” treatment when she was just a teenager and received an irreversible double mastectomy procedure at 18. 

In an interview on Fox News’ “America Reports,” Mosley said that her “lack of identity” led her to transition, as well as activists and "gender identity" who spoke with her and her parents. 

"One of the issues I have is the lack of identity," Mosley explained. "And on top of not having a lot of friends and having issues at home, when I found the trans community and found a new identity and was affirmed,” adding that it “caused [her] to transition."

Mosley explained that she had issues with her mental health at the time that she discovered the transgender community online. Once she received treatment for her mental health, including trauma therapy, it sparked the beginning of her de-transition.

“I’m heartbroken. Honestly, the whole time to me, I feel like I was in a fugue. I was so mentally unwell and unstable and that was the time in which the trans community really found me. But the whole thing just feels really messed up to me. It’s heartbreaking,” she said, adding that she feels a “lot of grief.” 


"I was manipulated not only by my trans peers, but by my gender specialist, the person who gave me my letter of recommendation in surgery. It was all sold as like a wonderful thing," she explained. "It wasn't like a medical condition that you needed to be treated that was sad or serious. It was like a fun thing like you're trans now and it's celebrated and you're wonderful and you're a hero and all of that. And you know, that attention is what I was looking for."

Last week, Townhall covered how a 32-year-old former “non-binary” woman announced that she will sue the medical professionals who performed her irreversible double mastectomy surgery on her two years ago. 

The woman, Camille Kiefel, had her breasts removed in 2020 to align with her chosen “gender identity.” According to a report from the New York Post, medical professionals did not look into Kiefel’s mental health issues and greenlighted her surgery after two Zoom meetings, one that lasted 40 minutes and one that lasted an hour. She got the surgery and experienced complications soon after. 

And last month, Townhall reported how Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old de-transitioner, announced that she would sue the medical professionals who performed her double mastectomy procedure when she was still a minor.


“My teenage life has been the culmination of excruciating pain, regret, and, most importantly, injustice,” Cole said when she announced her lawsuit. “It is impossible for me to recoup what I have lost, but I will ensure no child will be harmed at the hands of these liars and mutilators. I am suing these monsters.”

Similar to Kiefel, Cole is still experiencing complications from her surgery, which she received over a year ago. 

“The top layer of skin is not really healing over. It emits this fluid constantly, so I have to wear non-adhesive bandages over them all the time," she told Catholic News Agency in an interview.

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