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Australian TV Contributor Slams Trans Activists As ‘Cisgender Allies Looking for Virtue Points’

AP Photo/Armando Franca

This week, a Sky News Australia contributor slammed transgender activists as "cisgender" people who are looking for “virtue points.”

Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens made the remarks in an interview with conservative television commentator Andrew Bolt on The Bolt Report. 


In their discussion, Bolt and Cousens spoke about both blackface and drag. Bolt pressed Cousens about how wearing blackface is frowned upon for mocking a race, but men dressing up in drag and pretending to be women is celebrated and supported by those who are "woke."

“Blackface is terrible. Noone dares do it. Kill your career instantly. So why is ‘womanface’ okay or even protected?” Bolt asked Cousens. Cousens pointed out that the difference is that drag has been tied to the trans community in recent years.

“The reason it's so protected, Andrew, is because over the last few years, the kind of woke intersectional brigade has attached drag to trans activism and the trans lobby. Of course, you know, they are, as we know, the most litigious, virulent of all of the activists that are woke. Which is sort of ironic considering that a lot of trans activists aren’t actually trans. They tend to be sort of cisgender allies looking for virtue points,” Cousens said. 

“It’s really frustrating to me because drag used to be just about kind of fun and entertainment and parody but now it’s become sort of dreary and political,” she added. 

“As to the topic of drag itself, it is really interesting to me the way that the woke protect drag and defend it and connect it to trans activism just shows how feminism has been just completely chomped up by the intersectional trans lobby,” Cousens continued. “Whichever way you squeeze, yes, drag is fun, it’s entertaining, but it is a garish, gross caricature and femininity that arguably is quite misogynistic.” 


Cousens added she is “astounded” by the feminists who “claim to be about combatting negative stereotypes of women” are not opposed to drag “which technically is men portraying a negative stereotype of women.”

This month, Sarah covered how a writer at The Washington Post claimed that drag queens are “squeaky clean for family-friendly audiences” and slammed GOP lawmakers who have condemned drag.

“Their inflammatory speech and scare tactics have one goal only: recirculating deeply homophobic stereotypes about ‘grooming’ to defend their campaign against queer and trans existence,” the author, Sasha Velour, claimed. 

Velour also hit back at laws that prohibit children from going to drag shows and said that drag and queer individuals are the “next generation” and parents should “let your children get to know us.”

In June, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared an Instagram post slamming events like “Drag Queen Story Time” for children. 

“Who in their right mind thinks a man dressed in drag, who sells all kinds of adult sex products, should be reading and entertaining children?” she wrote. 


“Drag Queen story time/shows are not appropriate for children. A man dressed as a woman reading books to children is intentionally gender confusing, especially for young kids. Often times the books being read tell young kids they can choose their gender, which is an unhealthy lie,” Greene continued, adding that it’s not hateful to say “no” to these types of events for children.

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