Warren Says She Will Vote ‘No’ on Bipartisan Abortion Access Bill

Posted: Aug 04, 2022 4:45 PM
Warren Says She Will Vote ‘No’ on Bipartisan Abortion Access Bill

Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne

Pro-abortion Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) told NBC News on Tuesday that she will not vote for a bipartisan bill introduced this week that would enshrine federal abortion protections after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The bill was cosponsored by Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine (VA) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and pro-abortion Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME). The legislation was written after the historic Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.

“The Kaine-Collins bill does not codify Roe,” Warren told NBC. “The problem here is this bill is not an obvious improvement over where we stand right now.”

The “Reproductive Freedom for All Act” would prohibit state regulations that impose an “undue burden” to access a “pre-viability” abortion, provide access to contraceptives and allow states to enact restrictions on “post-viability” abortions.

Kaine told Axios that the measure faces “long odds” in the Senate, but that the “shock” of the Dobbs decision “will create room for compromise.

"We don't have 60 votes now, but we didn't have 60 votes on the gun bill a couple months ago," Kaine says. "That catastrophic nature — Dobbs and what it's going to do to the country — is going to push some people our way." 

Since Roe was overturned, Warren has been outspoken about “shutting down” pro-life pregnancy centers and suggesting that Planned Parenthood set up “outposts” on federal lands in National Parks to provide women abortions.

As Katie covered last month, Warren proclaimed "we need to put a stop" to pregnancy centers, demanding it be done "right now."

Warren  also introduced legislation with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) called the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act. The Act “[cracks] down on false advertising that crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) employ to dissuade patients from getting the reproductive care they need, including abortion care.”

A new Charlotte Lozier Institute analysis published soon after Roe fell found that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are outnumbered 14 to one by thousands of community-based health care centers and pregnancy centers that do not rely on abortion.

“Planned Parenthood might be favored by the media and political elite, but the reality is that women are offered more options and real choices through community-based care providers,” CLI Deputy Director Genevieve Plaster, who authored the study, said in a statement. 

“Our research found that Planned Parenthood facilities are outnumbered 14 to 1 by comprehensive, federally-funded health clinics and pro-life pregnancy centers, which receive a majority of their funding from the community and are better equipped to provide pregnant women with holistic care when faced with difficult circumstances,” she added. “FQHCs, which unlike Planned Parenthood are not dependent on abortion profits, continue making comprehensive medical care available to the very women pro-abortion politicians claim to support.”