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AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

As Townhall has covered, "gender-affirming" healthcare for transgender minors has been a hot-button issue in recent months. Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott launched investigations into the parents of transgender minors for possible child abuse. Simultaneously, the Biden administration is pushing for “gender-affirming” healthcare for minors. 

Now, a new nonprofit organization launched this week will focus on stopping this kind of woke, divisive ideology into the healthcare system, including in medical education. The organization, Do No Harm, consists of physicians, healthcare professionals, and concerned Americans who believe the patient is more important than political ideology when providing health care.

According to a press release from Do No Harm, the organization will “[provide] a voice to concerned medical professionals afraid of speaking out” and will “take on the racially divisive ideology threatening the quality of care in America.” 

The organization’s chairman, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, said in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion article that “woke ideologies and policies have become quite literally a hazard to your health” and that “healthcare is being infected by the radical ideology that has corrupted education and public safety.”

“Medical schools increasingly are preparing physicians for social activism at the expense of medical science,” Goldfarb wrote. “Physicians are being pushed to discriminate. Hospitals, state health authorities and the federal government have all authorized race-based formulas for rationing Covid treatments. Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston (Harvard’s teaching hospital) is moving toward ‘preferential care based on race’ across the board. And the Biden administration is offering higher Medicare reimbursement rates to hospitals and physicians who ‘create and implement an anti-racism plan.’ To fight their supposed bias, physicians are being bribed into discriminating by race.”

“These policies and practices have no justification. There’s no credible evidence that physicians are racist or that minority patients will benefit if healthcare is built on a race-based foundation. Common sense says that patients of all colors will suffer. The public’s trust in medical institutions, which has already fallen during the pandemic, will fall further and take patient health with it” he added.

Do No Harm’s launch comes shortly after the Biden administration released documents promoting “gender-affirming” healthcare for transgender minors, which includes hormone therapy treatments, puberty blockers, and sex reassignment surgery.

“Current and future physicians must tell the country that healthcare is being profoundly damaged by a radical and divisive ideology,” Goldfarb concluded in his piece. “The health and well-being of every American depend on it.”


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