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GOP Rep Blasts Democrats for Not Prioritizing American Citizens Trapped in Afghanistan

AP Photo, Pool

Former Marine counterintelligence officer and Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI) blasted Democrats for voting against legislation to block President Biden from pulling troops from Afghanistan until all Americans and allies have been evacuated and for Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal that has resulted in American troops dead. 


Gallagher, who currently sits on the House Armed Services committee, made the comments on a Thursday evening interview on Fox News. He described the suicide bombings near the Kabul airport as one of the most “dark and shameful days in American history,” and shared details on the silence he’s received from Democrats regarding our botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“11 Marines and one sailor are dead that did not need to die,” Gallagher said in the interview. “But they’re dead because of the incompetence of this withdrawal and the shameful manner in which we have completely surrendered to the Taliban.”

In the interview, Gallagher explained that he introduced legislation in the House this week that could have improved the course of action in which we withdraw from Afghanistan. However, Democrats, some of which have been critical of Biden’s handling of the withdrawal, voted against it.

“Earlier this week, I had a bill on the House floor that would not have allowed the Biden administration to withdraw until we had actually gotten every American citizen that wanted to get out out of the country and also would have required them to report to us every day on the number of Americans left in country and the number of Afghan allies seeking refuge,” Gallagher explained in the interview. “When it came time to vote on that on the House floor, [Democrats] voted against it, so as not to jeopardize the five trillion dollar rule to make possible the Bernie Sanders budget. So that’s where we are right now. That’s where the Democrats' priorities are. Blowing out spending, doing everything possible to pass Bernie Sanders’ budget, but not doing the minimum necessary to make sure we don’t leave our citizens behind.”


The bill Gallagher is referring to is HR 5071. On the House floor, Gallagher said it was time for Congress to hold the Biden administration accountable for their actions and save the lives of those remaining in Afghanistan.

“It’s time for this body, this Congress, to act to hold this administration accountable and save lives,” Gallagher said on the House floor this week. “Right now it seems, the president is doubling down on this August 31 withdrawal date despite strong bipartisan opposition and pushback. Make no mistake – if we get out on August 31, we are going to condemn thousands to death. I don’t care what secret side deal was struck with the Taliban. This is America. We don’t leave anybody behind.”

Wrapping up the interview, Gallagher said he fears the “worst is yet to come” in Afghanistan.

“I fear that the worst is yet to come in Afghanistan. And we’re going to see American hostages, we’re going to see thousands of our allies trapped behind enemy lines, and we are witnessing the slow-motion collapse of American credibility all over the world because of the absolute incompetence within the White House right now.”


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