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Australia's insane attitude toward Covid-19 has left even liberal writers wondering if the country can even be called a liberal democracy anymore. Citizens can't leave the country, interstate travel is severely restricted, the government has the most Orwellian app set up to ensure Covid-19 compliance, and has set up detention camps and gone after booze. But now, the state government in Victoria has poked the beehive.

A full-on rebellion is taking place after vaccines were mandated on construction workers following reports that Covid-19 safety rules were not being followed in 75 percent of construction sites. That did not sit well with workers in the industry who started by staging a sit-in then turned to protests this week. 

The scenes are wild. Violent clashes between protesters and police are taking place, media's being targeted, and according to one report, the situation got so ugly law enforcement had to retreat to barricade Parliament. 

After protests on Monday, officials shut down construction sites in Melbourne for two weeks. Protesters, meanwhile, have pledged to march "every day" until the Covid restrictions are lifted. 


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