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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Save America, former President Trump’s political action committee, is out with a new 90-second ad that absolutely destroys President Biden over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. As my colleagues at RedState noted, the ad, which hit digital platforms on Tuesday, seemed perfectly timed to drop after the commander in chief delivered a humiliating speech in which rather than jumping straight into a discussion of Afghanistan, he started with his Build Back Better agenda. When he did move onto what should’ve been the main focus of his remarks, he humiliatingly conceded that the U.S.’s exit is dependent on the Taliban and spoke about his virtual meeting with G7 leaders, claiming there’s “solidarity” and “unity” among them on the evacuation effort, even as public reports show otherwise. Then, Biden left without taking questions. Again.


Enter the ad, titled, “Surrenderer-in-Chief.” 

“Joe Biden promised Americans a future of growth, strength, diplomacy, and power,” its description states. “He told us ‘America was back.’ Instead, he withdrew troops from Afghanistan before removing our weapons, our allies, or even our own citizens.”

The summary continues: “Joe Biden has backed down to our enemies and failed to protect our allies. Under Joe Biden, the Taliban is back – not America.”

Just brutal.


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