Vaxxed Students in One MI School District Are Getting a Benefit Over Their Unvaccinated Peers

Posted: May 25, 2021 3:30 PM
Vaxxed Students in One MI School District Are Getting a Benefit Over Their Unvaccinated Peers

Source: AP Photo/Paul Ratje

States across the country are offering a number of different incentives to get vaccinated. Ohio, for example, is doing a million-dollar lottery, other states are doing vouchers for free beer or wine, while New Jersey residents can enter to get a free pass to all of the Garden State's parks or a dinner with Gov. Murphy and the first lady, though I'm not sure the vax hesitant will change their minds for that one. Now that the vaccine is available to children 12 and up, we're seeing free ice cream and the like being offered. But in Michigan, one anonymous private donor took things to the next level.

The donor is paying for prom for those who've been vaccinated, while unvaccinated teens had to cough up $80 to attend.

"We are not as a district, discriminating over one group or another," said Dr. Jennifer Green, superintendent. "All students will have an opportunity to go to prom."

But when pushed by Fox 2 over whether the kids who weren't vaccinated were being "penalized," Green said no, since it was a private donation. 

"We are charging everyone $80 dollars to attend," Green said. "Someone, that is is a private donor from a philanthropic organization, is covering that $80 fee." 

She insisted all the kids will have the "same opportunities…to enjoy this milestone together" before admitting it was an incentive to get inoculated. 

As a result, parents and students protested last week. 

"Vaccinations are free will. People do what they have to do, I get that. But when you get bribery ... that's where I draw my line," said Tracey Patterson, whose son is a senior at Southfield High School for the Arts & Technology.

When the school released a flier announcing free admission for vaccinated students, Patterson said she was appalled. (Detroit Free Press)