Watch What Happens When Struggling Business Owner Walks Into Live News Hit

Posted: Dec 03, 2020 9:44 AM

Dave Morris, like so many Americans across the country, is a business owner struggling to survive under draconian COVID-19 restrictions.

When he saw Tarvarious Haywood of News Channel 3 about to do a live hit, he came up behind him to vent his frustrations.

“My government leaders have abandoned me,” said the owner of D&R Daily Grind in Michigan, adding that stimulus money did not go to support people like him. 

Morris has defied a ban on indoor dining in the state and opened his restaurant on Nov. 27, according to News Channel 3.

He also reportedly dismissed a cease and desist letter from the Kalamazoo County health department. 

“They’ve put me in a position where I have to fight back,” he said. “This isn’t a state order…this is a tyranny.” 

He advised other restaurant owners to “wake up, stand up, this is America, be free.”

Morris is facing a 1,000 per day fine for defying state orders. 

"The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Associations filed a lawsuit to stop the order, but a federal judge ruled on Dec. 2, 2020, that restaurants can’t open safely and successfully," News Channel 3 reported, a move the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services praised.

“These protocols on specific indoor gatherings, along with wearing face masks, social distancing and frequent handwashing, give Michigan a fact-based approach to slow the spread of COVID-19 so we can return to a strong economy and get back to normal safely as soon as we can," the agency said.