Trump Just Unfollowed Ann Coulter on Twitter

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 8:23 AM
Trump Just Unfollowed Ann Coulter on Twitter

President Trump is facing a firestorm of criticism from conservative personalities when he appeared to be caving on his demand for border wall funding.

One of the harshest rebukes came from conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who in addition to writing a scathing op-ed about it, told The Dailer Caller that Trump will be looked back on as having been a “joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populists for a while, but he’ll have no legacy whatsoever."

She also said if the wall isn’t built he will not have her vote in 2020. 

“Why would you [vote for him again]?” she asked. “To make sure, I don’t know, Ivanka [Trump] and Jared [Kushner] can make money? That seems to be the main point of the presidency at this point.”

Those comments appeared to be a bit too much for the president, who seemed to unfollow Coulter on Twitter as a result. 

"realDonaldTrump appears to no longer follow @AnnCoulter," a tweet from @Trumpsalert said Wednesday, which, according to its Twitter bio, is “a bot tracking Trump family follow and unfollows, so we can try and figure out what is going on inside the White House.”

"This bot cannot tell if this was an unfollow, suspension or block," it said. 

The president now follows just 45 people, including family, members of his administration, media personalities, and more. 

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