RNC Chairwoman Is Not Having Any of Michelle Obama's Comments About Lack of Diversity in GOP

Posted: Oct 06, 2017 12:00 PM
RNC Chairwoman Is Not Having Any of Michelle Obama's Comments About Lack of Diversity in GOP

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel put Michelle Obama in her place after the former first lady accused the GOP of basically being “all men, all white.” 

“Unfortunate Michelle would disregard contributions of conservative women and people of all backgrounds with one sweeping false accusation,” McDaniel tweeted Thursday.

The RNC chairwoman was responding to comments Obama made at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women earlier this week.

“What you can see is this real dichotomy — on one side of the room, it’s a feeling of color,” she said Tuesday. “On one side of the room, it’s literally gray and white. Literally, that’s the color palette on one side of the room.”

“On the other side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens. Physically, there’s a difference in color, in the tone. … Because one side: all men, all white. On the other side: some women, some people of color," she added.

Pointing to this dichotomy, Obama said it’s “no wonder people don’t trust politics.”

Not only is the head of the RNC a woman, but dozens of women and minorities are Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Mia Love of Utah and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

In the 115th Congress, there are 14 minority Republicans in the House and four in the Senate. There are currently 24 Republican congresswomen and five female Republican senators. (FoxNews.com)

Obama also took a shot at women who voted for President Trump the next day at a marketing conference in Boston, saying, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” The irony is rich considering she presumably voted against Clinton in 2008 to vote for her husband.