Trump on North Korea: I Don't Like Drawing Red Lines, But I'll Act If Necessary

Posted: May 02, 2017 7:30 AM

President Trump may not be willing to draw a red line with the situation in North Korea, but he did say on the premier of “The Fox News Specialists” Monday that if he has to act, he will.

“I don't like drawing red lines but I act if I have to act,” Trump told host Eric Bolling.

“I'm not like President Obama where you draw a red line as you said a red line in the sand and then lots of bad things happen and he never goes over the red line,” he added.

Trump said the rogue regime was his greatest foreign policy concern, noting that “nobody’s safe” as long as Kim Jong Un continues his weapons program.

“We have 28,000 troops on the line and they’re right there,” Trump said. “If he gets the long-range missiles, we’re not safe either.”

Trump, who has long said he doesn’t want to “broadcast to the enemy” his plans, stopped short of saying what action by North Korea would trigger a U.S. military response.

“I've been pretty well known for saying like nothing when it comes to the military,” the president said. “… So when people say well, I was asked the question yesterday, ‘well I mean exactly when would you go in, at what time would you go in?’ I mean it's ridiculous. I don't want to talk about it. I can say this, he’s very threatening, he’s a big threat to the world.”

In response to Trump’s stance toward the regime, North Korea vowed to strengthen its nuclear force “to the maximum” and test a nuclear device “at any time.”

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