Team Clinton Knocks Survey Showing Trump Ahead, Calls It 'Bad Polling'

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 7:47 AM

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is calling a newly released ABC/Washington Post survey showing Donald Trump with a 1-point lead “bad polling.”

“Sorry. It’s just not what we see at all; it’s not what other people seem to have,” a senior Clinton aide said to Clinton’s traveling press pool. “There just seems to be something about that model that seems off.”

This is the same poll that gave Clinton a 12-point advantage a week ago as Trump was struggling to deal with the 2005 release of the “Access Hollywood” tapes showing him making lewd remarks about women and multiple sexual assault allegations.

The narrowing of the race is what Clinton’s team expected this close to the race, the aide told the traveling press.

“The race has tightened in a way we thought it would tighten, but we do not see anything that would suggest that that FBI story is impacting it,” the aide said. “I wouldn’t say what our internals show, but we think that we have a relatively substantial national lead.”

Former speaker of the House and Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich also dismissed the poll. 

Trump is also ahead of Clinton by 4 points in a newly released LA Times/USC survey.

Update: The latest national poll released early Wednesday morning has the two in a dead heat at 46 percent among likely voters.