Bizarre: Clinton Mocks Trump For Wanting More Secure Military Communications

Posted: Aug 02, 2016 8:00 AM

Just weeks after the FBI issued an indictmentless indictment of Hillary Clinton over her “extremely careless” behavior using a private email server to both send and receive classified information, the Democratic nominee has decided it would be funny to mock Donald Trump for wanting more secure military communications.

Trump argued last week during a campaign rally in Colorado that using paper wasn’t so bad since everyone is getting hacked these days.

"Everybody's being hacked," Trump said on Friday. "Let's not send it over the wires so everybody's probably reading it."

"I like the old days, especially for the military and things like that," Trump said. "You want to attack or you want to do something, it's called [a] 'courier.'"

"It's called, 'Let's put it on a thing, put it in an envelope and let's hand it to the general,'" he continued.

This prompted a sarcastic response from Clinton suggesting Trump use “carrier pigeons” instead. 

What a bizarre issue to attack Trump on given Clinton’s own problems with secure communications as secretary of state, not to mention the recent hacks of the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as well as her own campaign.