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Clinton Gets Second Chance to Answer Whether She's a Liar: 'I'll Just Say No!'

Late night comedians like Stephen Colbert had a field day after Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CBS’ Scott Pelley that she ‘doesn’t believe she’s ever lied to the American people,’ and that she’s ‘always tried’ to tell the truth.


“Just say no! You’re running for president of the United States,” an exasperated Colbert said.

“Even Richard Nixon knew to say ‘I am not a crook.’ He didn’t say, ‘it has always been my intention as far as I believe I will do the best I can not to be a crook!’ ‘Will you lie?’ is the homerun of campaign questions. You just say no and then touch all the bases!” he added.

When asked at the Democratic presidential town hall whether she’d like to give it another shot, Clinton responded with a smile, “I’ll just say no!”

Regardless of how she answered—in both instances—trustworthiness continues to be an issue that dogs her campaign

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