Nassar Sentenced to Another 40-125 Years in Gymnastics Sex Abuse Scandal

Posted: Feb 05, 2018 11:15 AM

Larry Nassar, former Olympic gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor, was sentenced in Eaton County Court Monday to another 40-125 years for three count of first degree sexual misconduct after 265 girls, including Olympic gymnasts, say he molested them under the guise of medical treatment. He was previously sentenced to 40-175 years in Ingham County Court last month on seven counts of criminal sexual misconduct.

The sentence today is the last of the criminal cases against Nassar, who was also sentenced to 60 years in federal court for possession of child pornography.

Nassar apologized in a brief statement at the sentencing.

"It's impossible to convey the depth and breadth of how sorry I am to each and everyone involved," he told the court. "The visions of your testimony will forever be present in my thoughts."

However, Judge Janice Cunningham said she was not sure if Nassar understood the enormity of his crimes.

"I'm not convinced that you truly understand that what you did was wrong and the devastating impact you have had on the victims, their families and friends," she said. "You are in denial. You don't get it."

This sentencing closes weeks of brave and heartbreaking victim impact statements from Nassar’s victims and their families.

Randall Margraves, A father of three of Nassar’s victims, rushed at him in the courtroom last week and had to be restrained. Over $17,000 was raised through a Gofundme account to cover any expenses Margraves might face but the judge released him with no charges and the money will go to charities.

During her testimony in January, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman told Nassar “you should have been locked up a long, long time ago,” and said USA Gymnastics is “rotting from the inside” for enabling and turning a blind eye to the horrific abuse.

The entire board of USA Gymnastics has since resigned at the demand of the US Olympic Committee.

Larissa Boyce, one of the last victims to address the court Friday, said she told Michigan State coach Kathie Klages in 1997 that Nassar had molested her. She said Klages discouraged her from filing a complaint because she couldn’t imagine Nassar “doing anything questionable.”

Boyce called on Nassar’s enablers to come forward.

"You have a second chance to do the right thing," Boyce said. "I hope and pray you can be transparent and willing to admit you missed this. Teach our country and the world how you missed this. Own up to your mistakes. I believe there is an opportunity for you to stand up and redeem these mistakes by doing the right thing now."

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