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Elon Musk Pens Love Letter to Twitter and Free Speech

It appears as though Elon Musk is settling into the job of "owner" of Twitter.

The richest man on the planet took a video of himself entering Twitter Headquarters bearing dad jokes, free speech, and a sink, on Wednesday.


Now, Musk has released a statement telling advertisers—and anyone else who's interested in the direction he wants to take Twitter in—exactly what his focus is and what he intends to do with the platform. It reads like a love letter, not only to Twitter, but to the First Amendment and free expression.

He also addressed the growing trend of trying to cancel people by bullying advertisers into leaving platforms that allows free speech.

Here's the real danger: Elon musk wants Twitter to be open and let everyone express their opinions no matter how offensive they might be. From the Biden administration's perspective, that's a danger.

Watch my full report on Musk's free speech revolution in the video above!


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