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Obamacare Enrollment Still Lags Far Behind Target

Hysteria surrounding Obamacare enrollment may have tapered off a bit, but the underlying story remains: implementation still is not going smoothly. Sign-ups have actually kept pace with the Obama Administration's projections in 2014, but the disastrous rollout continues to affect the program.

Research from Chris Holt and Conor Ryan of the American Action Forum has shown exactly how much Obamacare implementation has lagged behind the goals laid out by the Department of Health and Human Services. It's not pretty:


HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has continued to back away from the targets that both the Obama Administration and the CBO set out last year, but she can't undo those goals. Whether the program will be able to function with low enrollment remains to be seen - though the Administration has also continued to move the goalposts.

The Obama Administration has managed to move Obamacare failures off the front pages of the mainstream media, but problems persist. And it continues to be a problem.

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