Michael Moore Is Not In On His Own Joke

Posted: Oct 07, 2009 5:04 PM

I used to think that Michael Moore was a reasonably smart filmmaker who purposefully distorted the truth to score political points. The massive holes in all his films have been discussed to death in various forms of media, so I won't recount them here. However, I always thought that he was in on the joke, that he realized the glaring omissions, inaccuracies and outright lies but thought this was tolerable in search of his larger point.

Watching interviews with him over his new film Capitalism: A Love Story, I've come to realize that Moore isn't in on the joke. To put it bluntly, Michael Moore is dumb.

Witness his profoundly un-funny (and unsatisfying) appearance on Jay Leno and then watch this video of an undergraduate Bureaucrash-rocking student taking on Michael Moore and pretty much decimating the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

After much fumbling and stuttering (and the university moderator even interrupting Moore to make his point for him) Moore is simply incapable of providing a coherent answer.

In the end, he's for "fairness" and "democracy" in our economy. Fairness and democracy defined by Michael Moore.