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AOC's Met Gala Stunt Was Even Worse Than Previously Known

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

For months Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, "AOC", has been under investigation for ethics violations stemming from her stunt at the MET Gala in 2021. She showed up in a now infamous dress that read, "Tax the Rich," in bold red letters across the back as she waltzed her way to the gala, where tickets for entry go for $40,000 a piece. 


She was featured by Vogue and said the message on her dress was about representing working class Latina women. 

A number of private ethics watchdog groups filed complaints about her attendance and in December, the bipartisan House Ethics Committee officially announced a probe was underway. 

"Pursuant to House Rule XI, clause 3(b)(8)(A), and Committee Rules 17A(b)(1)(A), 17A(c)(1), and 17A(j), the Acting Chairwoman and Acting Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics have jointly decided to extend the matter regarding Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which was transmitted to the Committee by the Office of Congressional Ethics on June 23, 2022," a statement released by the Committee says. 

But it turns out that not only did AOC try to get around Congressional ethics rules to attend, she allegedly left small vendors out to dry by refusing to pay her bills. AOC's whole brand is that she's a former bar tender fighting in Washington D.C. for her fellow working class men and women. 


AOC maintains she did nothing wrong and takes ethics rules "very seriously."


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