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Biden Boasts About Government Medical Teams But Leaves Out Major Fact

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Speaking from the fake White House set in the Eisenhower Office Building Thursday, President Joe Biden boasted about sending federal government medical teams to hospitals experiencing a surge in Wuhan coronavirus patients. 


But what Biden failed to acknowledge is why the teams are necessary, at least in part. Vaccine mandates, which Biden has implemented and supports, have forced thousands of medical staffers, nurses and doctors out of their jobs. As a result, hospitals are experiencing staffing shortages. The situation has be exacerbated as workers still on the job come down with Omicron. 

And while COVID positive healthcare workers are now allowed to go back to work, so long as they don't have symptoms, unvaccinated workers aren't getting their jobs back. 

"Hospitals and long-term care facilities are so short staffed that many are compelling Covid-positive doctors and nurses to return to work, arguing that bringing back asymptomatic or even symptomatic staff is the only way they can keep their doors open amid a spike in hospitalizations," POLITICO reports. "While most health workers are vaccinated, many are still falling sick, exacerbating a staff shortage as more Americans seek hospital care."


During his remarks abut the new medical teams, Biden continued to tout vaccine mandates. 

Meanwhile, there's this fact: 

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