John Kerry's Raging Climate Hypocrisy Exposed Again

Posted: Apr 30, 2021 5:30 PM
John Kerry's Raging Climate Hypocrisy Exposed Again

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool, File

New documents obtained first by Fox News show former Secretary of State John Kerry invested millions of dollars in oil stocks before being tapped by President Joe Biden as Climate Czar. 

John Kerry, President Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate change, held investments in oil companies prior to divesting from the stocks as he took over the position, according to financial forms.

Kerry's financial disclosure forms, which were obtained by Fox News, show that the former secretary of state was financially invested in numerous oil companies, including Duke Energy, Cimarex, Dominion Energy, Exelon Corporation and Valero Energy.

As Biden's climate envoy, he will push policies that run counter to his personal investments before taking over the post. At the same time that Kerry held investments in oil companies, he also worked with climate groups The Rise Fund, where he served as a senior adviser, and Climate Finance Partners, where he acted as chairman of the advisory board.

Earlier this year, Kerry told union workers who lost their jobs as a result of Biden's extreme "green" agenda to "go build solar panels." 

Kerry also continues to fly private, which emits far more carbon dioxide than commercial travel. 

Kerry isn't the only Democrat who preaches about the environment while engaging in gross hypocrisy. Former Vice President Al Gore, who told everyone the world would "be a frying pan" a decade ago, made hundreds of millions of dollars by selling his television channel to Al Jazeera, which is owned by the oil-rich country of Qatar. 

In 2008, Al Gore, US Vice-President under Bill Clinton and climate change crusader, posed a question during a speech at an energy conference in Washington. Referring to renewable energy sources such as solar power, he asked: "What if we could use fuels that are not expensive, don't cause pollution and are abundantly available right here at home?"

One answer, in light of Mr Gore's decision to sell his Current TV channel to Qatar-financed Al Jazeera, is that it would cause sleepless nights for his new friends in Doha, who make their money by selling fossil fuels to the world. Their success had made them very, very rich – and also given Qatar the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world.

This inconvenient truth was omitted from the email announcing the deal, sent to Current TV staff on Wednesday by Mr Gore's partner in the broadcasting project, Joel Hyatt.