MSNBC Panel: Tim Scott Doesn't Know Racism, But Mayor Pete Does. Also, What?

Posted: Apr 30, 2021 1:25 PM
MSNBC Panel: Tim Scott Doesn't Know Racism, But Mayor Pete Does. Also, What?

Source: Joshua Roberts/Pool via AP

I mean, this is why MSNBC is funny. They’re so off the deep end you simply cannot take them seriously. How is it that a black man doesn’t get racism, but the white liberal does? Oh, sorry, the black man happens to be a Republican, so there’s the game right there. 

Yep, that’s what it all boiled down to on Joy Reid's show and her panel about Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) rebuttal to Joe Biden’s snooze fest of a speech to Congress last night. Now, Reid did not lead this discussion, but her guest host did. It centered on Scott saying that America is not a racist country in his remarks. You know that drove liberals insane.

“Uncle Tim” was trending for hours on Twitter. 

It’s a play on “Uncle Tom.” You all know this—and this MSNBC panel defended smearing Scott because—well—he doesn’t kowtow to the progressive narrative that all blacks must be woke. If not, they’re “Uncle Toms” or no better than Klansmen. Such intellectual richness with these discussions on the Left, huh? It’s almost as if a gun is always pointed at your head, right? 

Our friends at Newsbusters clipped and transcribed this nonsense:

MSNBC’s The ReidOut went all out in showing its hatred for Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), trashing his speech as proof he deserved the label “Uncle Tim” on account of his support for the party that they claimed was the reason why he grew up poor and his grandfather was illiterate. Worse yet, they argued that, since Scott refused to America “a racist country,” he doesn’t understand racism while white liberals like Pete Buttigieg.


Fill-in host Jason Johnson teased he would take issue with Scott’s failure “to base” Republican “priorities on reality” and then said it’s fair to say Scott has “sold out” to his race by being a Republican. 

However, he did express discomfort with the “Uncle Tim” label as it reminded him of both the length it was up as a trending topic but also because it harkened back to Condolezza Rice being called Aunt Jemima.

Frequent MSNBC guest Christina Greer had no such uneasiness and even defended the slur because it was a public display of “the internal conversations that many black people have about Tim Scott and the Republican Party” since he supports the GOP and the Trump presidency.

Greer then argued Scott should come to his senses and realize that his Republican Party was the reason why he grew up poor, began with a less-than-stellar education, and had an illiterate grandfather.


Johnson was wound up to offer a hot take of his own, insisting that the white transportation secretary from Indiana knows racism better than Scott: “When Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg can say we literally have racism baked into our highway system, I really don't think Tim Scott is in much of a position to criticize him.”

I mean, this is what happens when nonwhite conservatives speak out. The Left mocks, denigrates, and dehumanizes them. It’s worse for conservative women. It’s almost suicidal for those in the LGBT community to be conservative or say they voted for Trump; nearly 30 percent did in 2020. 

You must act, live, and vote a certain way if you’re not white, according to progressives. If you do not, then it’s usually white liberals who come and berate the nonwhite for not thinking right. How is that not racist? It’s paternalistic in the extreme, to say the least. In this case, it was equally unhinged black lefties who decided to torch Scott for merely having an opposing viewpoint. It’s almost parody. The white gay liberal from one of the whitest states in the country, Indiana, knows more about racism than a black man…because of his political views. That’s a hot take.