EXCLUSIVE: Watch Full Townhall Interview of President Trump

Posted: Jul 15, 2020 11:59 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Watch Full Townhall Interview of President Trump

President Trump spoke with Townhall  from the White House Rose Garden this week to discuss his administration's efforts to combat crime around the country, hold China accountable for the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 presidential election, voter fraud and much more. "I am very angry with China," he said. "You'll see over the next few weeks I'm doing something that is extremely bold. You'll see. I think you'll be extremely impressed by it. I've been fighting this with China for a long time." 

As violence continues to rage in Democrat run cities, Trump warned federal action is on the table. He also defended an armed St. Louis couple who fought back a mob trespassing on their property. 

"We are going to have to do something very comprehensive," he said. "It means sending people in. It means sending people in to clean it up...there's a point at which we're allowed to go in and that point is rapidly being reached."

When asked about what threshold must be met before federal action is taken, the president said "carnage and death" is his standard.

"People better be very careful because you are going to have a backlash that is going to be incredible. People better be very careful what they wish for because the American people are not going to take it very much longer," he continued.

Watch the full interview below. 

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