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EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Explains the 'Most Dangerous' Thing Facing the 2020 Election

During an interview with Townhall at the White House Tuesday, President Donald Trump warned the 2020 election could be a "fraud" and "totally rigged" if Democrat governors move forward with massive mail-in-ballot voting schemes. 

"This election's going to be a fraud if they do that," Trump said. "To me that's the most dangerous thing about this election." 

"Who are they sending them to? Nobody has any idea," he continued. "Look at just a few weeks ago. Paterson, New Jersey 20 percent of the ballots are a fraud. People are being locked up left and right. Look at the postmen being indicted, federal, terrible crimes." 

According to two men in Paterson, one city councilman and another city councilman-elect, were recently charged by the New Jersey Attorney General for voter fraud after deliberately failing to "count 800 city ballots found scattered across different municipalities." In West Virginia, a mail carrier pleaded guilty to altering ballots after "applications were mailed to all registered voters in West Virginia in April in a bid to encourage mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic."

Trump drew a distinction between mass mail-in-voting and absentee ballot voting, citing a better process for the latter. 

"Now, it's different than an absentee where you go in and you write-in and you go through a whole procedure. Like I'm working in the White House and I'm in Florida, voting in Florida, so it's much different situation. Absentee is great because you have to go through a process," he said. "What you should have is voter i.d. and you have to go unless you can't vote and then you should get an absentee ballot." 

Using a personal example from a friend, Trump lamented ballots being sent to the deceased and to pets. In Atlanta last week, a voter registration form was sent to a dead cat.

This is part three of a multi-story series from this exclusive interview. 

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