NBA Security Guards Confiscate "Free Hong Kong" Signs...From Americans in Washington D.C.

Posted: Oct 10, 2019 11:40 AM

UPDATE: This is a league wide mandate, because it also happened yesterday

The NBA continues to capitulate to communist China by censoring players and threatening to fire managers who dare to speak out in support of Hong Kong protestors pursuing freedom. Now, they're censoring American fans. 

Last night during a Washington Wizards game in the Nation's Capitol, a security guard hired by the NBC confiscated signs from fans that read "Free Hong Kong" and "Google 'Uyghurs.'" Adding insult to injury, the "Free Hong Kong" signs were confiscated during the National Anthem. 


After the first signs were taken away, the second ones were removed as well. 

"We're not allowing any political signs tonight," the guard said. "We don't do it here. I'm not about having a conference with you...I'm not going back and forth with you." 

The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority population in China. The communist Chinese government has arrested over a million of them, thrown them in reeducation camps and has been harvesting their organs. NBA coaches and players have had plenty to says about politics in the United States, taking a "woke" approach to opposing conservatives and President Trump, but on this, they're silent. Those speaking out on behalf of Hong Kong and the Uyghurs are being punished. Journalists are being told to stop asking "non-basketball" questions. 

Luckily the fans were also wearing t-shirts, which the NBC guards did not ask them to take off. 

The long, tyrannical arm of Beijing has made its way all the way to Washington D.C., a place that is supposed to symbolize America's most important values, principles and rights. Free speech is one of them, but as has been the pattern throughout this fiasco, the NBA is more interested in profits than standing up for the United States and oppressed populations in China. They are a disgrace.