LOL: Elizabeth Warren is So Terrible, She's Losing to Hillary Clinton

Posted: Dec 19, 2018 2:00 PM
LOL: Elizabeth Warren is So Terrible, She's Losing to Hillary Clinton

The first primary debates between Democrats who plan on challenging President Donald Trump for the White House in 2020 will be underway in just nine months. Polling on front runners and favorites is already flooding phone lines across the country. 

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, potential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren is so bad, she's losing to twice failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton...among Democrats. 


The numbers come two months after Warren's disastrous rollout of her DNA test "proving" she's 1/1024th "Native American." Her closest advisors are panicking and many strategists believe she may have completely blown her 2020 chances.

Advisers close to Ms. Warren say she has privately expressed concern that she may have damaged her relationships to Native American groups and her own standing with progressive activists, particularly those who are racial minorities. Several outside advisers are even more worried: They say they believe a plan should be made to repair that damage, possibly including a strong statement of apology.

The advisers say Ms. Warren will have to confront the issue again if she announces a presidential campaign, which is expected in the coming weeks, and several would like her to act soon.

Publicly, at this point, the senator isn’t second-guessing her actions.

As Matt wrote earlier, the numbers are consistently bad for Warren and her cultural appropriation. In the meantime, Democrats are in a civil war about the direction of the party and many are decrying white men Biden and Sanders at the top of ticket.

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American voters give former Vice President Joseph Biden a 53 - 33 percent favorability rating, topping President Donald Trump's negative 40 - 56 percent favorability rating and besting a list of possible 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll released today.

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