Rand Paul: I'm Voting For Tax Reform

Posted: Nov 28, 2017 12:05 PM
Rand Paul: I'm Voting For Tax Reform

Tax reform is officially underway in the Senate, with major questions among some Republicans about whether they can vote for the current bill. According to reports from the Hill, the expectation is to get a bill to the floor for a vote by the end of the week. This of course would give President Trump a vote before Christmas, but at this point there isn't a guarantee a bill will pass. 

But one key Senator, known for holding up Republican bills, is a yes vote and is encouraging his fellow members to get on the same page. 

Writing in an op-ed for Fox News, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul laid out his justification for tax reform. 

One of the fundamental problems in Washington is the attitude that the money that people make belongs to the government. That’s why you hear arguments about how much a tax cut “costs,” or big government advocates disingenuously and breathlessly complaining about the people who pay taxes getting a tax cut.

I believe it is the other way around. Our default position should be that the money you earn belongs to you, and government has to justify why it should take it from you.

One of the main differences between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans, in general, favor less government and more tax cuts. That’s why I’m pleased to see us moving forward on a plan for tax cuts, and why I hope to vote to pass such a cut in the coming weeks.

This tax bill is a true test for my colleagues. I’m not getting everything I want — far from it. But I’ve been immersed in this process. I’ve fought for and received major changes for the better — and I plan to vote for this bill as it stands right now.

I urge my colleagues to do the same. I urge you, their constituents, to make sure they hear from you.

The White House is touting his decision and encouraging Republicans to follow his lead. 

President Trump will travel to Missouri Wednesday and will deliver a speech on tax reform.

"The President is looking forward to the Senate bringing us another step closer to delivering a big, beautiful Christmas present to the American people in the form of massive tax relief.  To that end, on Wednesday, the President will travel to St. Charles, Missouri to deliver an important address to the nation on the need for tax cuts and reforms," Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday. "Unemployment is already at a 17-year low, wages are starting to raise, the stock market continues to hit all-time highs, and optimism is through the roof.  Just imagine what’s going to be possible when this plan passes.  And I think it will be a great lead-in to the Christmas season and something we can all be excited about."