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Of Course: State Department Missed Another Deadline To Turn Over Clinton Emails

The State Department missed yet another deadline last week after failing to turn over a significant number of emails belonging to former Secretary of State and current Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Today those emails, which were hosted on an unsecure private email account and server, have been turned over and many of them contain sensitive information. From AP

The State Department released Friday another 3,000 pages of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email account, missing a court-ordered goal for their production by a week.

The department said the documents include 65 that contain information that has subsequently been deemed "confidential," the lowest classification. One document contained information determined to now be "secret," although it was not identified as such at the time it was sent.

Clinton has repeatedly tried to down play the significance of her private server use throughout the past year. We are still waiting on a criminal investigation from the FBI to be concluded surrounding Clinton's improper handling and storage of top secret, classified information. FBI Director James Comey has assured the American people political pressure will not impact the FBI's finding or decision surrounding an indictment for Clinton.

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