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Baltimore City Councilman Admits: Decades of Bad Policies Caused These Riots

Last night during an interview with Fox News and while buildings in Baltimore were being burned to the ground and looted by rioters, City Councilman Nick Mosby admitted that decades of bad policies are to blame for the violence. 


"What it is, is young boys, the young folks in the community showing decades old anger, frustration, for a system that has failed them. This is bigger than Freddie Gray, this is about the social economics of poor, urban America and these young guys are frustrated and upset. Unfortunately they're displaying it in a very destruction manner. When folks are undereducated, unfortunately they don't have the same intellectual voice to express it the way other people are doing and that's why we see the violence today," Mosby said. "There's a symptom of something going on here and what I'm trying to articulate to you is when we look at communities like this in urban America, lack of education, lack of commercial development, lack of opportunities, it's the socioeconomics."

"This is a culminations of a lot of things, decades old of failed policies, decades of lack of development," he said.

Much like Detroit, Baltimore has been under liberal Democrat rule since the 1960s.


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