Judgment Day in Virginia

Posted: Nov 05, 2013 7:55 AM

Today's the day folks. Will conservative Ken Cuccinelli, the first attorney general in the United States to sue over Obamacare, be able to top Clinton lapdog and corruptocrat Terry McAuliffe? Polls are open and people are already voting.

McAuliffe has been holding a solid lead over Cuccinelli for about a month, but Cuccinelli has been able to make up some ground with the rollout of Obamacare being a total and complete disaster. Yesterday, former presidential candidate Ron Paul hit the campaign trail for one final Cuccinelli push. Over the weekend, Republican Senator Marco Rubio did the same.

"I've done very little travelling and campaigning this time around, but this one I came to because I know your candidate is a defender of liberty," Ron Paul said to a cheering crowd.

The "Libertarian" candidate in the race, Robert Sarvis, has been financed by Democrats. According to POLITICO, McAuliffe is leading in early voting, but there have been issues with computers and verification of voters.

Voting at some polling places in Loudoun County got off to a shaky start this election day, as laptop computers in some precincts that are used to verify voters failed to network properly as the polls opened.

A spokeswoman told WMAL News this caused some delays, and that county IT personnel are troubleshooting the problem with some success. The problem appears to be with a certain brand of laptop - one of three used in the county.

The spokeswoman told WMAL this is not a countywide issue, and that it is being handled on a case-by-case basis. Reports of problems have included locations in Ashburn and Lovettsville. The Loudoun official claimed to WMAL that no polling places have been shutdown by the problem, but again - concedes there have been some delays.

Voter turnout appeared to be heavy in parts of the county as the polls opened at 6 am.

"The lines were packed - People were definitely showing up, but once you got inside, there was the connectivity problem," one caller reported to WMAL's Mornings On The Mall. "Two people would get through, and then we'd stop and wait," he said.

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