Rubio: Obama's 2008 Promises Almost Laughable

Posted: Oct 03, 2012 6:50 PM

DENVER- During a pre-debate conference call Wednesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio told bloggers President Obama's policies have been devastating to the middle class and slammed "laughable" promises Obama made in 2008 standing before Greek columns in Denver.

“You read some of those promises now and they’re almost laughable,” Rubio said. "How about on taxes, he's proposing a middle class tax increase, his budget proves it."

Banking off of Joe Biden's comments yesterday about the middle class being buried in the past four years, Rubio said we will see an argument tonight from Mitt Romney about how big government crushes the middle class. He pointed out it is not the big corporations or Wall Street firms who suffer most under bloated government, but the young entrepreneur and small businesses.

"Big government is devastating,” he said.  “What you’re going to see tonight is a very compelling argument of how big government is devastating to the Middle Class.”

Rubio said he hopes tonight's debate will bring tough questions about Medicare and tax loopholes to the forefront. He sees those topics as weaknesses for President Obama.

"I hope they get a chance to talk about that," Rubio said. "This election is not a choice between two's a choice between two very different futures."