Issa at the RNC: Fast and Furious Won't Go Away if Obama Loses in November

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Aug 28, 2012 7:00 AM

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa has been investigating the lethal Department of Justice program known infamously as Operation Fast and Furious for nearly two years. Under Attorney General Eric Holder's leadership, DOJ officials have done everything possible to delay the investigation until the November 2012 presidential election in an effort to make the entire thing go away. Many have speculated that if Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama in November, the entire scandal will disappear, but that just isn't the case. As long as Issa is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, the Fast and Furious headache for DOJ and ATF officials responsible, isn't going away. Criminal charges are very much on the table as a consequence of Fast and Furious, no matter who is sitting in the White House.