Bloomberg to New Mothers: You Really Should Be Breastfeeding, You Know

Posted: Jul 30, 2012 1:26 PM

Apparently, carrying a baby for nine months just isn't hard enough. Don't you think new mothers deserve a lecture about how to feed their baby.....just hours after they endure hard labor and are still in the hospital? New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has moved from his sugary drink ban onto the breasts of new mothers. That's right, Michael Nanny Bloomberg is now asking hospitals to lock up and strictly regulate baby formula. He wants nurses and doctors to give mothers who ask for formula as an alternative to breastfeeding a "talking to" about how breastfeeding is better for their baby.

Mayor Bloomberg has demanded that hospitals stop handing out baby formula to persuade more new mothers to breastfeed their babies.

The New York City health department will monitor the number of formula bottles being given out and demand a medical reason for each one.

From September 3, 27 out of 40 hospitals in the city have agreed to the terms of the Latch On initiative - which will also see them stop handing out free bags of formula and bottles.

 Although mothers who want to bottle feed their babies will not be denied formula, it will be kept under lock and key similar to medications.

However any mother who requests formula will be given a lecture on why breastfeeding is better by hospital staff.

Hear that mamas? You're too stupid to make an educated decision about how to feed your kid, Bloomberg (a man) knows better.



There is no question breastfeeding is better for babies, but some women are simply incapable of doing so due to medical problems, being on medication, etc. Not to mention, if a mother simply just doesn't want to breastfeed (her body her choice! right feminists?) she shouldn't have to endure a lecture every time her baby needs to eat.

It's fair to say, Bloomberg has gone a breast too far.