Holder: We Must Brainwash Against Guns

Posted: Mar 19, 2012 8:03 AM

The team over at Breitbart.com has uncovered video of Eric Holder in 1995 showing just how extreme the current Attorney General's anti-gun attitude really is. Holder is seen saying we should "brainwash" kids against guns.

"To really change the hearts and minds in Washington D.C. and of our young people."

"We need to change the way people think about guns."

A couple things wrong with this, obviously. First of all, Holder wants to brainwash "people" against "guns," or in other words, brainwash them against their Second Amendment rights. Next, Holder associates gun ownership strictly with violence, which is just not true. Thousands of people use guns every year to stop crimes (usually against themselves in self defense), not to commit them. Economist John Lott has proved that more guns equals less crime and that cities with strict gun laws actually experience more violent gun crime than those that allow law abiding citizens to arm themselves. Three, Holder wanted to use the public school system to push propaganda everyday. Four, thousands of young children learn how to use firearms safely not from Hollywood movies, but from their parents. Learning how to use a firearm safely and properly is no different than learning how to swim.

Parting thought: During Obama's first term as president, has Holder's version of "brainwashing" against guns come in the form of Operation Fast and Furious? It sure looks like it: force gun dealers to sell to straw purchasers, fail to arrest straw purchasers, straw purchasers transfer those guns to cartel members in Mexico, cartel members start murdering people, guns found at crime scenes, guns traced back to U.S. gun shop, case made for more gun control in the U.S.



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