Shocker: Europe Fails to Come Up With Debt Plan

Posted: Nov 30, 2011 9:15 AM

In a totally predictable move, European "leaders" have failed, once again, to come up with a substantail and serious plan to deal with the European debt and Euro currency crisis....just like the Senate Democrats and Obama! ( approaching 1000 days since the Democrat controlled Senate passed a budget) The failure is no surprise, and like I said earlier this week, considering our president, the man who has spent $4 trillion in just three years, was lecturing European leaders on how to deal with crisis, the decision to kick the can down the road yet again is just an overused page in the Socalist playbook. 

Under pressure to deliver shock treatment to the ailing euro, European finance ministers failed to come up with a plan for European countries to spend within their means. Such a plan is needed before Europe's central bank and the International Monetary Fund consider stepping in to stem an escalating threat to the global economy.

The ministers delayed action on major financial issues - such as the concept of a closer fiscal union that would guarantee more budgetary discipline - until their bosses meet next week in Brussels.