Netanyahu: A Class Act

Katie Pavlich
Posted: May 24, 2011 2:12 PM

Shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu starting his remarks today while addressing a joint a meeting of Congress, a Code Pink heckler stood up and yelled, "Stop to occupation!" She was immediately escorted out of the room. Netanyahu responded by praising the right to free speech, saying people can't do that in Tehran, they can't protest freely in Tripoli andhoped that someday the people in places like Iran, Libya, Syria and others would be able to speak freely and stand up for democracy without fear of being killed.

"You know I take it as a badge of honor and so should you that in our free societies you can have protests. You can’t these protests in the farcical parliaments of Tehran or Tripoli, this is real democracy. So as we share the hopes of these young people throughout the Middle East and Iran that they'll be able to do what that young woman just did."