Boehner: Next Fight Trillions, Not Billions

Posted: Apr 11, 2011 9:35 AM
Speaker Boehner is taking heat this morning as rumors swirl on the Hill about how he got the job done on Friday, negotiating a deal between the democrat controlled Senate and White House resulting in $38 billion in cuts and preventing a government shut down. Boehner is being accused of using the military as a pawn in order to get freshman House members on board with the Friday compromise by tying military pay to the budget vote. We'll have to wait and see whether those accusations are true, but I believe the deal Boehner struck was substantial considering he is in control of just one-third of the government and was in near total gridlock with Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama just two hours before the scheduled shut down.

However, despite what happened over the weekend, that was just the beginning as the debt ceiling debate is looming. President Obama will address the nation Wednesday about how to reduce the deficit, putting the option of raising taxes on people making over $250,000 per year on the table. Meanwhile, Boehner released an op-ed today, saying cutting billions of dollars is not enough and that in the next round, trillions will be on the chopping block, fully backing Rep. Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity as the plan moving forward.

The agreement is far from perfect, and we need to do much more if we're serious about creating new jobs, fixing our spending-driven debt crisis, and ending the uncertainty that continues to plague our economy.

That's why this week, we'll advance our fight from saving billions of dollars to saving trillions of dollars as we turn our full attention to the GOP budget outlined by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., aptly titled "The Path to Prosperity."

The Path to Prosperity is a powerful blueprint for economic growth and fiscal responsibility that will help our economy get back to creating jobs, stop Washington from spending money we don't have, and lift the crushing burden of debt that threatens our children and grandchildren.