University of Arizona Holds "Immigration Week"

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Mar 16, 2011 10:50 AM
I always feel like I am railing on my alma mater but....they deserve it.


The University of Arizona (a public university) College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, or SBS, is holding an "Immigration Week," without mentioning the word illegal a single time in the program schedule.

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Arizona is pleased to announce a weeklong program on immigration with a focus on Arizona. The week will include community panels on immigration and social justice, law and security, public health, and the economy, as well as films, poetry, music, a youth engagement day and an SBS research showcase. All events are free, open to the community, and located on the University of Arizona campus.

The goals of this program include providing opportunities to learn about immigration, featuring the work of UA faculty and graduate students, and discussing immigration issues through civil discourse, with a special focus on understanding the root causes of immigration and on proposing reasonable solutions.

Some programs throughout the week include:

-Southwest Entry Point: Immigration and Human Rights
-"Asalto de Sueno" or "Robbery of the Dream" hosted by Voices of Opposition
-"What Immigration Raids Tell Us About Latino Families"
-Balancing Neighborhood and Nation: Immigration, Security and the Law

I wonder if the "law and security" portion of the program will be about how racist and unfair SB 1070 is, especially since one of the goals of the week is "social justice."

SBS will also be setting up a mock border fence, sponsored by the open-border group No Mas Muertes or No More Deaths,  in the middle of campus to make it more difficult for students to get to class.

The purpose of this mock border wall/fence is to interrupt the UA campus community’s freedom of movement across the mall in order to dramatize the effects of US immigration and border enforcement policies which dramatically limit access to safe transit across the US/Mexico border. 
In order to really shine a light on the illegal immigration issue, I suggest students either climb or cut holes in the fence, get to the other side, have babies, throw rocks at law enforcement, use the health care system for free, demand in-state tuition, refuse to speak English, drive without car insurance, fly the Mexican flag while demanding American rights, play the race card and refuse to pay taxes on illegal wages while using public services.

Here's the difference: The students enrolled at the UA have gone through the proper process of applying to the university, paying tuition and staying in school by meeting academic requirements, which is much different than illegal immigrants' complete disregard for the law and proper process to gain legal citizenship.

Sadly, this doesn't surprise me, as UA has a history of promoting illegal immigration. Anyone remember this?

After driving and flying for hundreds of miles, paying thousands of dollars in tuition money, and providing endless amounts of moral support, parents didn't hear about the mile stones and accomplishments the graduating seniors from the University of Arizona made, but got an unfactual political speech instead at the May 2010 commencement ceremony from UA SBS Professor of LGBTQ, Chicano, and Women's Studies Sandra Soto.

Soto was booed by parents, which prompted the Dean of the College J.P. Jones III to ask the parents for "civil discourse."

New tone.