Anti-Gun Solution to ATF Screw Up: Give ATF More Laws to Enforce

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 2:30 PM
Let me get this straight: ATF, a government bureau, was approving sales reported to them by law abiding gun owners, and Paul Helmke from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence wants even more government regulations? How is another layer of incompetancy going to prevent guns from getting in the hands of drug cartels? Especially when ATF was allowing it and ignoring reports of mass weapons purchase attempts?

Earth to Paul Helmke: The legal sales went to drug cartels because ATF approved the sales. Asking ATF to enforce more laws when they clearly choose to disregard the laws already on the books, is counterproductive.

However, Helmke's comments don't surprise me considering last time I was at a forum with Helmke at the CATO Institute, he called the Second Amendment, "The most dangerous right."