Van Jones Calls for Union Marches on All 50 State Capitols

Posted: Feb 24, 2011 9:09 AM
Ex-Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is at it again, partnering with and calling for progressives to march on state capitols everywhere this weekend for "workers' rights."

"We call for emergency rallies in front of every statehouse this Saturday at noon to stand together to save the American Dream."

Save the America Dream? Public sector unions are funded on the backs of private sector workers. Union demands are economically unsustainable and will eventually lead to the dismantling of the American Dream for everyone because of limited economic opportunities.

Jones introduced this week what he calls "The American Dream movement," which sounds more like "The Backing Unions Movement":

Over the next hours and days, all who love this country need to do everything possible to spread the "spirit of Madison" to all 50 states. This does not mean we need to occupy 50 state capitol buildings; things elsewhere are not yet that dire. But this weekend, the best of America should rally on the steps of every statehouse in the union. and others have issued just this kind of call to action; everyone should prioritize responding and turning out in large numbers.

On Saturday, the powers-that-be (in both parties) should see a rainbow force coming together: organized workers, business leaders, veterans, students and youth, faith leaders, civil rights fighters, women's rights champions, immigrant rights defenders, LGBTQ stalwarts, environmentalists, academics, artists, celebrities, community activists, elected officials and more -- all standing up for what's right.

And we should announce that our renewed movement is more than just a mobilization to back unions or oppose illegitimate power grabs (as important as those agenda items are). Something more vital is at stake: our country needs a national movement to defend the American Dream itself. And the fight in Wisconsin creates the opportunity to build one.

Note to the lefties: The American Dream is not a handout.